What Is The Difference Between 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD 5D Ultrasound?

If you are expecting, it can be hard to navigate the many different types of ultrasounds that can be done during pregnancy.
While all ultrasounds use soundwaves to ultimately create a picture of your developing baby, the finished product can range widely depending on the definition type that you choose. To help make the decision easier, we are here to explain what the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D, HD, and 5D ultrasounds.
2D profile of baby in womb

2D Ultrasounds

As the most common form of ultrasound, a 2D ultrasound creates a black and white image that shows the skeletal structure of the baby and makes the internal organs visible. The 2D ultrasound is most commonly used to diagnosis the health of the baby. As the name implies, all 2D images are flat and have no depth to them.

3D Ultrasounds

Much like 2D ultrasounds, a 3D ultrasound uses soundwaves to develop an image of the baby inside of your womb. However, unlike the flat image given by a 2D ultrasound, a 3D ultrasound creates the appearance of a three-dimensional image of the baby. This allows the expecting parents to see their baby’s face, rather than just the outline of the face.
4D Ultrasound of baby face
3D Ultrasound of baby face

4D Ultrasounds

4D ultrasounds also create a three-dimensional image but provide the benefit of creating an effect like a live video. With this type of ultrasound, you could potentially see your baby smile or yawn in the womb because it compiles hundreds of images into a moving video.

HD, HD Live, 5D Ultrasounds

As the most recent advancement in ultrasound technology, HD and 5D HD Live (also called 5D ) ultrasounds allow us to capture even  . These images are more defined and have better resolution.
5D Ultrasound of baby face

Where Do I Get The Best 5D Ultrasound?

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